Knowing your character and having 2 fiancées

My character is not a player or anything, but since my arranged marriage fiancée is really annoying I briefly have 2 fiancées for about 2 minutes.. 


So the last one and a half weeks we have been working on filming our video. It was very challenging because we didn’t have a proper set. Now we only have to edit the movie and done. 


My favorite scene in the movie is when my fiancée finds out I just asked another girl to marry her because I was scaring her so much when I shouted at her she looked like she as about to cry. 

Week before November 15th

This week we started to get to know our scripts and characters and also did an on-script performance of our play in front of our class mates. We planned when we were going to film our plays, where and how. 


I think it is important to get to know your character because then you know how you can tweak your lines so they seem like you just thought of what you are saying and that it seems more real. 

I really enjoyed getting to know my character because he is interesting and has a bad temper that is being oppressed by his fiancée. 

Week before November 8th

This week we have been finishing up our fairytale planning. We have written our script and have planned our costumes. 

I really think it is important to make such small plays so professional because then everybody in the drama class knows how much hard work goes in to a normal show. 

Even though it is hard to write a school and islamic country approptiate script that respects all religions and interests, I really enjoyed writing the Script to “The Twisted Life” inspired by the Grimm’s Brothers’ Rapunzel.

We have since writing the script obviously changed the wording to make it seem more natural, but I will upload a copy of the script for everyone to read. 


Drama Oct. 28


Drama Oct. 28

Today we have continued to work on our Fairytale.

My group has done a Twisted version of Rapunzel.

I think we are doing this Fairytale Project because we have to show how we can change ideas and include things we have learned to make something different that has not been done before.

In these Fairytales we can also transfer ourselves into situations that we would not usually be in.

More coming soon – F.